Prime B Cellular Luxury Sample

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Prime B Cellular Luxury Sample



"Super concentrated. Repairing and Restructuring. Helps skin maintain its natural elasticity and suppleness."

Valmont Prime B-Cellular is a concentrated anti-age serum, repairing and restructuring, featuring an even softer and more soothing texture. It's enriched formula in Cellular Prime Complex brings all the necessary elements to the skin to revitalize and protect it efficiently against cutaneous aging.

PRIME GENERATION: an exceptional anti-age program for the skin. More than anything else it is genuine alchemy, a perfect balance between the key ingredients needed for the proper functioning of the skin - sugars, fats and proteins - in order to guarantee the best results, for the long term.


Valmont Prime B-Cellular Active ingredients include: HP RNA and DNA, Hyaluronic Acid, urea, lactic acid. Allantion

How To Use

Deposit a few drops of Valmont Prime B-Cellular in the hollow of your hand. Penetrate into skin by light massage over face, neck, and decollete morning and evening before moisturizer.

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