Travel Size Deto2x Cream

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Travel Size Deto2x Cream



"Anti-Aging From O2 Complex, Stem cells from Swiss Apple, Triple DNA"

A new cutting-edge solution for skin exposed to urban lifestyle, worsening air quality and recurrent pollution which cause a dull complexion, excess sebum and a decline in antioxidant defenses. Moreover, lack of oxygen in the cells speeds up the aging process.  Envelops the skin in a cocoon and reinvigorates it with energy. The airy texture changes over time, recreating its delicate veil on the skin’s surface to offer the epidermis a healthy dose of oxygen.

Applied with a provided brush and patted into the skin not to disturb the super anti-aging oxygenating effect.

  • Provides pure oxygen to the cells.
  • Eliminates carbon dioxide and promotes oxygen circulation.
  • Boosts cells’ turn over.
  • Delays aging.
  • A unique “whipped cream” texture.
  • An “Inflated mattress” effect for a plumped and smooth skin texture.

For dull, greyish, asphyxiated complexions or tired and devitalized skin. Perfect for smokers and city dwellers.  For a complete oxygenating program, apply Prime Regenera I at night.


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