Dermo Structuring Master Eye FACTOR III



Dermo Structuring Master Eye FACTOR III



"The Most Luxurious & Ultimate Eye Cream For Advanced Signs Of Aging."

This exclusive anti-wrinkle complex is enriched with soy peptides which remodel the skin surface and tone down the structural wrinkles. Valmont Dermo Structuring Master Eye Factor III can also be used as a serum in combination with Contour Eye Creme or the other Eye Complex products. A non greasy translucent oily gel which works in the dermis, at the heart of skin firmness. Re-densifies the dermis to counter-balance the cutaneous effects of hormonal deficiencies. The eye contour skin undergoes in-depth renewal and is visibly densified.

  • Soy and wild jam phytosterols: offset the effects linked to hormonal imbalances and
    improves the balance of lipids in the skin. Smooth deep wrinkles and restore the skin’s
  • Isoflavone liposome: Boosts the action of the phytosterols. Stimulates the synthesis of
    collagen and limits its degradation.
  • Soy oligopeptide : Boosts collagen I and III synthesis.  Densifies and restructures
  • PRIME AWF COMPLEX: with Triple DNA, Liposomed RNA, Cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides & Anti-MMP complex.

Size: 0.5 oz


Dermo Structuring Master Eye Factor III: Anti-wrinkles and firmness care. Soy and wild jam phytosterols, Isoflavone liposome, Soy oligopeptide, Triple DNA and RNA, Anti MMP complex to maintain and stimulate skin's essential functions. Highly effective anti-wrinkle active ingredients which protect the dermal matrix; Intelligent peptides: Stimulates the collagen synthesis and restores the capacity of the fibroblasts to contract the surrounding extra-cellular matrix; Soja phytosterols: helps redensify the dermis.

How To Use

Morning and evenings apply Dermo Structuring Master Eye Factor III with fingertips to the eye contour area using smooth gentle movements, working from the inner edge of the eye to the outer corner.

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