Wash & Shave



Wash & Shave



A unique, dual action, purifying and shaving foam free from controversial substances for an ultra-safe and gentle shave.


  • To all men, all ages
  • All skin types
  • Particularly recommended to sensitive or sensitized skin



  1. Foaming, purifying, anti-drying and dermo-protective
  2. Humectant and moisturizing action
  3. Astringent (pores less visible) and anti-redness
  4. Seboregulatory (regulates sebum production), prevents appearance of red spots after shaving
  5. Purifying
  6. Intensely refreshing, regulates cutaneous homeostasis (maintains skin balance despite external conditions)



  • Purified and cleansed skin
  • Gentle shave
  • Very comfortable feel with no pulling sensation
  • Comfortable feeling of intense freshness



Very fresh foaming fluid. Pleasant to use. Propellant-free pump

Size: 50 ml/ 100 ml


MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - ALCOHOL-FREE, TRIETHANOLAMINE-FREE, SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE AND SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE-FREE - Complex of biodegradable natural foaming agents from apples and coconut oil - Vegetable glycerin + sorbitol: make the glide of the blade easier - Hamamelis flower water - Seboregulator complex - Copaiba oil - Copper salt - Marine osmoregulatory complex

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