Lockwood New York

Lockwood New York


For thousands of years we have relied on nature to sustain and heal us. With that in mind, Lockwood uses the best raw ingredients nature has to offer for their function. And no yucky stuff – Lockwood products are paraben, sulfate and petroleum free and never test on animals. Their goal is simple: create skincare that’s good for you, feels amazing and respects the natural environment.


Lockwood's respect for the natural environment extends to their packaging, which is carefully chosen for form and function. They make all of our products in large 16oz bottles – not the smaller bottles of most other skin care brands – which means they last longer and you don’t need as many. When you are finished, every bottle is 100% recyclable. Lockwood bar soap wrapping paper is biodegradable. Compost it.


Giving back has always been an important for Lockwood. They donate products that cannot be sold for aesthetic reasons and are about to expire to homeless or women shelters. And 5% of profits are donated to land preservation and environmental causes in the Hudson Valley where Lockwood Farm is located.


As part of minimizing the environmental footprint Lockwood tries to work with local suppliers. A majority of their raw materials come from within a 150-mile radius. For example, Lockwood bottles come from upstate New York,  fragrances are custom blended in Connecticut and they get a number of our botanical extracts from Long Island. 

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