Hydration Sampler

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Hydration Sampler



Valmont Hydra3 Regenetic Serum: "Instantaneously quenches dehydrated skin."

This water-based serum-gel is remarkably gliding. It instantaneously rehydrates the thirstiest of skins while bringing evening indispensable tensing effect to skins struggling against aging. With its high content in PHA, this hydration activating concentrate acts during the entire night to encourage renewed synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Thus restructures, the foundations of the skin will gradually release water toward the surface. With each application, the skin recovers an optimal rate of hydration and gains in density.

Valmont Hydra3 Regenetic Cream: "For anyone in need of a great anti-aging hydrating cream."

Part of theAnti-Age Hydration Duo, the Hydra3 serum and cream work together to treat the causes of water deficiency resulting from aging. This prolonged hydration cream provides the skin with a genuine water reserve thanks to the DNA liposome and high concentraton of hyaluronic acid.

With every application, the skin is visibly replumped and fuller. Triple DNA and the DNA liposome combine their complementary action for new generation anti-age hydration. Targets 3 cutaneous depths (the corneous layer, the live epidermis and the dermis) so hydration is conceived in three dimensions.

Valmont Prime Contour"Lightweight, non-greasy cream to correct the area around the eyes and lips"

A non-greasy yet rich cream, Valmont Prime Contour is a treatment for eye contour correction and lip contour prevention. This fine emulsion protects the delicate skin of these areas, prevents water loss and brings nutritious elements. Thanks to a high content in cellular stimulating agents, Cellular Prime Complex encourages, one day after another, the alleviation of the visible signs of time.

PRIME GENERATION: an exceptional anti-age program for the skin.More than anything else it is genuine alchemy, a perfect balance between teh key ingredients needed for the proper functioning of the skin - sugars, fats and proteins - in order to guarantee the best results, for the long term.

  • Travel size of the Hydra 3 duo (5ml & 15ml Hydra3 Regenetic Serum & Cream)
  • Travel size Prime Contour (5ml)
  • Beautifully presented in a Valmont vanity
  • Limited Edition 
  • Retail value: $220

    *Available while supplies last.
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