Akkad Eau de Parfum



Akkad Eau de Parfum



"Mystical... sensual. Spicy & Luminous."

Akkad is a luminous amber perfume, mystical but also sensual, a descent into the profane pleasures of ancient tyrants, an exhalation of sacred oils, and the spicy skin scent of gorgeous, willowy slave girls lying back limply on divans and silk sheets. 

Delphine Thierry, who composed this creation, imagined an amber note that is both spicy and luminous. The opposite therefore of the dark, mystical ambers that bring to mind the smoke of frankincense in ancient temples. Akkad amber opens with an aromatic citrus head note of mandarin and bergamot, enhanced by Clary sage. Clary sage, also known as “the sacred herb”, is renowned for its euphoric, harmonising properties. The heart unfolds in the rich, balmy, spicy notes of frankincense and styrax, evocative of the ancient east, cooled by elemi, a fresh, soothing herb, and intensified by cardamom. The base with its two ambers of plant and animal origin centres on the woody richness of patchouli, sweetened with a sensual vanilla.

  • Mandarin
  • bergamot
  • clary Sage
  • cardamom
  • elemi
  • frankincense
  • styrax
  • amber
  • cistus labdanum
  • vanilla 
  • patchouli

Mandarin, bergamot, clary Sage, cardamom, elemi, frankincense, styrax, amber and cistus labdanum, vanilla and patchouli

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