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Anti-Pollution Food

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Dr Barbara Sturm

Anti-Pollution Food



Anti-Pollution Food is an innovative supplement that protects the body’s cells against air and digital pollution, strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function and immune system, and combats oxidative and inflammatory damage caused by pollutants.

This super-charged antioxidant-based supplement contains a suite of effective adaptogens — holistic healing nutrients that are known to increase resistance to chemical and physical stress on the skin. In times of increased environmental stress, the adaptogens, along with a concentration of skin-boosting antioxidants, help strengthen the skin's barrier functions, reduce inflammation and combat free radical damage. Daily intake of Anti-Pollution Food, coupled with the addition of Anti-Pollution Drops into your skincare routine, will not only protect and strengthen the skin's barrier function, but also provide deep hydration at a cellular level and encourage collagen production for plump, youthful skin. 

Active Ingredients: 

    Dr. Sturm’s core ingredient, has been widely clinically studied for its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, telomerase activating, nutritive and repairing effect. It is loaded with antioxidants and has more omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil. Possessing one of the highest concentrations of vitamin A among vegetables, purslane also has six times more vitamin E than spinach and seven times more beta carotene than carrots.
    This adaptogen is rich in essential nutrients and possesses remarkable therapeutic qualities. The plant contains essential amino acids and minerals, including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphor, and zinc. Other vital nutrients present in Ginseng are B vitamins, as follows: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, and B12. It also contains vitamin C and E, triterpenoids and ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are the most significant components of Ginseng.
    Protects the skin from environmental pollution, and also works to protect the skin against UV radiation. It functions as a major antioxidative and anti-inflammatory agent, particularly with respect to its photo-protective and anti-photoaging properties.
    This adaptogen purifies and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin and soothes irritations. It has also been shown to protect against oxidation damage in the brain, heart, kidney and liver. Shisandra is anti-inflammatory primarily because it inhibits nitric oxide.
    This adaptogen grows at high altitudes in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia, and has been used in traditional medicine in China, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries for centuries to calm biological stress. There are numerous studies indicating that it helps prevent fatigue, stress, and the damaging effects of oxygen deprivation. Evidence also shows that it acts as an antioxidant and enhances immune system function.
    This adaptogen contains chemical compounds collectively referred to as gypenosides. Jiaogulan gypenosides enhance the function of phagocytes, specialized white blood cells charged with the task of digesting cellular waste products and invading pathogens. Gypenosides appear to augment the body's antibody response to antigens, and act as an immune support agent. Jiaogulan is useful in combination with codonopsis (a root used as an analogue for Ginseng) for jet lag and altitude sickness; it has also shown to possess anti-aging properties.
    Supports the function of antioxidants as an essential cofactor for superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that protects cell membranes from oxidative damage. This Manganese supported cofactor is also an enzyme that protects cell membranes from lipid peroxidation and other harmful processes caused by pollution.
    Significantly increases the function of the immune system. Another study reports that Ashwagandha supplementation is associated with significant increases in muscle strength and recovery.

60 capsules 


How To Use

Take 2 capsules a day with water. One capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening. Combined daily use with Skin Food and Repair Food is recommended for maximum results.

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