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City Protect InCellium Spray

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Institut Esthederm

City Protect InCellium Spray



"Boosts the skin’s natural defences so it is better protected against environmental stressors in everyday life (sun, pollution, urban stress).

The must-have daily product that envelops the body in a protective blanket: City Protect spray protects the skin from environmental and urban stressors (sun, pollution, free radicals, etc.) and strengthens its natural defences, making it better equipped to combat photo-ageing.

Eau Cellulaire:  The equivalent to water found in the skin. Cellular Water optimizes the cells' vital functions.
Results: Better adapted to its environment and regularly replenished with Cellular Water, the skin’s aging process slows down.

Size - 3.3 oz - 100 mL

  • Exclusive Triple youth protection: Global cellular protection - patented intracellular protection technology (InCellium)
  • Prevents photo-ageing and dark spots.
  • Fights factors that damage collagen and slows the appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness.
  • Protects and improves the skin's natural resistance to the sun and pollution.

For All Skin-types
All skin types, even sensitive, that are exposed to environmental stressors.
Lack of vitality.

How To Use

Spray on the face, body and hair at a distance of 20cm. Gently massage to help penetrate.

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