Serge Lutens

'Daim Blond' Eau de parfum

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Serge Lutens

'Daim Blond' Eau de parfum



"Oh-so-very elegant. The epitome of haute couture in fragrance"

Daim Blond, one of Lutens’s Eau de Parfum Haute Concentration, was inspired by the softest of white suedes…Rich and soft, sublimely harmonious. The unexpected bitter sweetness of apricot highlights the buttery softness of suede. Iris and heliotrope, gently powdery, silky-smooth, permeate the scent with a feeling of utter refinement. Cardamom adds a wonderful, delicate piquancy, and the musk note is like a suggestive wink, a naughty smile, a little dirty twist in the impeccably elegant composition. The base is dark and creamy, with an almost nutty undertone…it envelopes the skin like the most expensive glove, glove made of suede so fine and so smooth, it feels like silk on the skin…Charming and irresistible, Daim Blond is a true gem in the Serge Lutens collection of fragrances.


Iris Pallida, apricot kernel, cardamom from Ceylon, musk, heliotrope, hawthorn

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