L'Elixir Des Glaciers Eau Micellaire Précieuse



L'Elixir Des Glaciers Eau Micellaire Précieuse



 "The most addictive and luxurious cleansing water for a perfectly radiant and purified complexion"

Eau Micellaire Précieuse combines the purity of glacial spring water with the finesse of purified rose oil to gently remove makeup and impurities. Cleansing mature skin becomes a cocooning ritual that unveils a comfortable and radiant complexion. At night or in the morning, this micellar water is a pleasure to use, swathing the senses in an elegant, soothing aroma.

  • The success is based on efficiency of micelles that literally grab impurities and make-up for a perfectly clean skin.
  • Does not leave a film on the skin.


How To Use

Pour the product onto a damped cotton pad Gently brush the face and neck without rubbing. Repeat until all residue is gone. No need to riinse. Eau Micellaire Precieuse can also be used as a tonic and used every morning to wake up the complexion.

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