Institut Esthederm

Extra-Firming Hydrating-Lotion

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Institut Esthederm

Extra-Firming Hydrating-Lotion



Institut Esthederm creates Morpho Cellular Care, a new generation of body care to help the body preserve its youthfulness.

The dual action formula of Anti-Sagging Moisturising Milk combines intense moisturization and tissue maintenance. It gradually re-establishes and durably strengthens the support structures. Its creamy, ultra-penetrating texture provides instant relief for the skin.


MCS (Morpho Control System): papyrus oligosaccharides, bioavailable silica. SCULPT System: Anti-enzyme plant peptide. Moisturising complex: Glycerine. Cellular Water: Water, ATP, Carnosine, Mineral salts.

How To Use

Apply daily over the entire body and gently massage to help absorption.

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