David Mallett

Hair and Body Wash


David Mallett

Hair and Body Wash



David Mallett’s Hair and Body Wash is an overall shampoo to cleanse, hydrate and purify your hair, scalp and skin.

The product is a pure delight to use: once applied, you are left feeling deliciously clean and moisturised, with a sensation of comfort and well-being. We have boosted our formula by moisturising ingredients that soothe and soften your skin, but also reinforce your hair against daily damages. Easy to use, it was designed for both women and men, and it comes with all the beautiful benefits of bergamot. 

David Mallett's Hair and Body wash is enriched by bergamot, which is famous for the toning and reinforcing qualities in beauty products. In addition, our formula is rich in essential oils and carries extra health bene- fits of cedarwood, cypress, elemi, galbanum, mint, pine, lemon, orange, petitgrain and mandarin.

This product comes free of sulfates, paraben and silicone. Furthermore, in order to respect hair’s overall integrity, the foaming ingredients used in the shampoo are all of vegetal origin, thus making the product greener and kinder for the environment. Therefore, this product does not foam excessively.


Size : 8.45 fl oz


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