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Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask

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Dr Dennis Gross Skincare

Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask



"Deeply Hydrating and Replenishing Mask"

A gel + powder transformative mask that delivers intense hydration to your skin for immediate radiance after just one use. This mask begins as a gel and powder – when mixed together, they create a unique experiential texture with long-lasting hydration for ultimate skin-plumping results. As this unique mask morphs from gel to solid through a cooling chemical reaction, your skin is transformed from dull and dehydrated to dewy and radiant. This skin-reviving mask contains professional-grade alginand hyaluronic acid to improve skin’s water holding capacity and supply it with essential minerals and microelements. This method of express hydration facilitates an oxygen exchange and removes impurities from skin’s surface.After one treatment, improve the appearance of dry surface lines and pores and experience firmer, supple, more radiant skin. Simply lift it off and see the difference.

The thicker and more even the application is on the face the easier it is to take off.
Apply thick edges for easy removal.

Size - 4 Treatments

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