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Granada - Eau de Parfum

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Granada - Eau de Parfum



Song of Andalusian Jasmine.

Inspired by the Spanish city. Granada is a wonderful white floral fragrance composed of orange blossom, jasmine and tonka.

Midnight in the gardens of the Alhambra, the red castle. The wandering breeze brings to mind love. Under the waving jets of the fountains, as silent as the petrified marble. With my eyes closed, hands stretched out: I sleepwalk in your perfume. Cradle-me, song of jasmine, take me in your arms, my orange blossom. How dark it is, the wood of your guitars. They weep in the moonlight. How dark their hair is, your gypsies. Their skirts make my heart spin. Granada, I dream of your nights, so warm. In the heart of the romantic Nasrid Palace, atop the invincible Alcabeza citadel, relentlessly, my desire roams. Listen to my voice calling you. Granada, tonight I will be faithful to you. Your sky is above my land, my only light.

Granada is a fragrance of abandonment, devotion and pure sentiment, in which jasmine gives itself over and orange blossom renews its vows. A smooth and delicate floral accord structured round flowers that are inexorably linked to the image of love: during the Antiquity, it was customary to see young brides wearing wreathes of orange blossoms. Kama, the Indian God of Love, used jasmine-tipped arrows to pierce the hearts of his victims. Jasmine is also a token of love in Tunisia, and a sign of beauty and temptation in the East. Symbols derived from many origins, but diversity reigns in Granada, a city that revels in it. 

Oil of bergamot, pomegranate, orange blossom absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, heliotrope, musk and amber wood accord.

Pomegranate, orange blossom absolute, and jasmine sambac absolute.

Size - 75 mL - 2.5 fl. oz.


Oil of bergamot, Pomegranate, Orangle blossom absolute, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Héliotrope, Musk, Amber Wood Accord

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