Prime 24 Hour



Prime 24 Hour



"Anti-aging cream. Leaves skin soft and supple"

This anti wrinkle and anti-aging cream, eriched with Cellular Prime Complex, brings to the skin all the essential elements to actively struggle against cutaneous ageing. Valmont Prime 24 Hour face cream penetrates easily, softens the skin and leaves a smooth protective layer which creates the perfect foundation for makeup.

  • Stimulates cellular renewal along with optimal skin firmness. 
PRIME GENERATION: an exceptional anti-age program for the skin. More than anything else it is genuine alchemy, a perfect balance between teh key ingredients needed for the proper functioning of the skin - sugars, fats and proteins - in order to guarantee the best results, for the long term.
Size: 1.7 oz

Valmont Prime 24 Hour face cream Active ingredients include: Triple DNA and RNA, essential fatty acids, urea

How To Use

After cleansing with appropriate cleanser and applying P50 and your serum, remove Valmont Prime 24 Hour face cream from jar with a spatula to avoid bacterial contamination. After emulsifying creme in your hands, apply in upward smoothing movements, starting at decollete and working up.

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