This Is A Strong Hold Cream Gel



This Is A Strong Hold Cream Gel



"Like Ginkgo-Biloba For Your Locks"

Why not give the gift of memory that lasts all day and even allows for adjustments in between?  This cream-gel is pearly and elastic with a strong hold.

  • Defines.
  • Gives structure.
  • Dries out quickly.
  • Does not leave residues.
  • Has a memory effect.
  • Anti-frizz action.
  • Anti-gravity action.
  • Wet effect.
  • Workable.

Size - 4.22 fl oz - 125 mL


NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The formulas have been carefully calibrated to minimize the content of resins in order to reduce “flaking“ but without losing the effectiveness of the product. A synergy of different ingredients with a high moisturizing power that facilitates the deposit of water molecules on the hair shaft. The gradual release of these ingredients enhances product performance and keeps hair healthy and moisturized longer.

How To Use

Apply a small amount of product to dry hair and then style it as you wish. It can be used as a texturizer also on wet hair before drying. Depending on hair density, length and desired effect, apply between 4g and 8g of product.

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