Time Master Intensive Program

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Time Master Intensive Program



"A Fabulous Facelift Alternative!  Use as a cure 2x's a year."

Essential Cellular Cure! With a high concentration of leading active ingredients of the Valmont beauty rituals (Hydration, Energy, Glow, Firmness & Anti-wrinkle), this intensive treatment targets and acts on all factors involved in cutaneous aging. In 28 days, the skin appears soft, regenerated, sparkling. The face glows with renewed youth and reflects fullness and vitality.

  • 28 days of highly concentrated intensive treatment.
  • The ideal complement to prolong the results of cosmetic medicine.
  • Penetrates in a fraction of a second.
  • The ideal treatment to correct tired skin.
  • Recommended at least twice per year at major changes in season.
  • Leaves the skin immediately smoothed and soft.
  • Nano emulsion technology (optimizes absorption and transportation of active ingredients.)

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow!  Creeps in this petty pace from day to day.  To the last syllable of recorded time.”  William Shakespeare – Excerpt from MacBeth


Magazine-New Beauty Editorial:  The Age Reversing System
What makes it so expensive? This 28 day skin care program commands top ingredients with high concentrations (think 26 percent as opposed to the typical 5 percent) Drawing inspiration from Swiss watchmakers, the brand's collaboration with legendary Franck Muller promises to energize, firm and hydrate skin that has lost its radiance. Anti Aging actives like hyaluronic acid, DNA and RNA liposomes and peptides in a nanotechnology emulsion help to deliver optimal penetration. Safe for all skin types, the system can even be used as a pre-surgery skin prep. What the expert says " Higher concentrations of active ingredients allow this product to command such a hefty price tag." says Dobos.

Active Ingredients:
Complex of Hyaluronic acid of high and low molecular weight: The part of high molecule weight creates a hydrating film which fills the dehydration fine lines on the skin's surface. The part of low molecular weight penetrates in the deeper layers of the epidermis and retains water in the cells.

DNA liposome: increases by 300% the penetration of Triple DNA. Delivers the strong hydrating and regenerating properties of Triple DNA all the way to the live epidermis. Provides fatty acids to reinforce the intercellular cement.

RNA liposomes: Stimulates the activity of the DNA. Brings the urea that is essential to the NMF. Provides fatty acids to reinforce the intercellular cement.

Elastin Reviver Extracted from dill, it boosts the synthesis of LOXL to facilitate the assembly of elastin functional fibers and visibly improve skin elasticity.

Cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides A combination of a tri peptide and tetra peptide


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