V-Shape Filling Concentrate

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V-Shape Filling Concentrate



Formulated with a rich and creamy texture, this sculpting serum from Valmont helps transform skin by targeting sagging and uneven face contours. Reinforcing the structure of the dermis, it restores firmness and enhances natural volume.

5 ingredients to treat 5 parameters of the Dermis Matrix + specific firming ingredients to enhance volume, tighten and provide density. 

  • Vitamin C - Antioxidant that protects the skin structure
  • Cocktail of Peptides - Stimulates cell renewal and cell proliferation to reduce wrinkles
  • Densi-Derm - Ensures good cohesion between fibers and ground substance
  • Fibro-Boost - Boost the production of Collagene l, Collagene lll and Elastin 
  • G.A.Gs Boost - Helps to boost the production of GAGS by bringing elements necessary for them to function 


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